A recent run of wildfires, coinciding with the return of bushfire season, is prompting firefighters to remind central Queensland residents to be on alert and ensure they have prepared their properties.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) Assistant Commissioner Steve Barber said several recent blazes had shown the potential for large fires in the region, and warned that heightened fire conditions could see the fire danger increase over the coming months. 

“We are now entering what is traditionally the peak period for bushfires in Queensland,” Mr Barber said.

“Throughout this weekend and into the early part of next week, a very high fire danger is expected, and these sorts of conditions typically become more common and widespread through spring and into summer. 

“Our crews have been working hard to ensure communities are protected against the impacts of wild fires, but we want to remind residents of the role they can play in bushfire mitigation.

“By taking action to reduce fuel loads now, residents can minimise the risk to their homes, neighbours and communities down the track.

Rural Fire Service (RFS) Acting Regional Manager Andrew Houley said everyone could play a role.

“The work residents in urban or semi-rural areas do can be just as important as the efforts of major landholders or our partner agencies in reducing bushfire threats,” Mr Houley said.

“Last season, rural firefighters were called to 894 bushfires across central Queensland, and it’s steps such as putting in fire breaks, mowing lawns and removing clippings, wood piles or green waste from yards that can protect homes and save lives when similar incidents strike.

“Other measures include clearing leaves, twigs, bark and debris from roofs and gutters, and trimming low-lying branches around the home or yard.

“All of these actions, no matter how small they may seem, can make a big difference in an emergency.”

Mr Houley said permits were needed for burns that would be larger than two metres in any direction. Permits are free and can be obtained from a Local Fire Warden.

“Details for Local Fire Wardens across the state are available on the RFS website,” he said.

“Our RFS website also has plenty of handy information and tips for those who want to get their properties ready, including a guide to help people prepare their Bushfire Survival Plan and Bushfire Emergency Kit.”

Visit ruralfire.qld.gov.au/ for more information.