Firegrounds are a dangerous workplace where people may be burnt, sustain serious injury or even die. Consequently, media will only be permitted to enter a fireground if they have sought prior approval from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) through the QFES Media Team, have adequate Personal Protective Equipment and have a safety-first attitude.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Media are responsible for supplying their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) before entering a fireground. 

This includes:

  • Overalls or long-sleeved shirt and long pants. Unlike other states, QFES does not require PPE clothing to be a specific colour. The word ‘Media’ should be clearly marked on all overalls or jackets. Clothing should be made from natural fibres such as wool and cotton, cover 90% of your body and be loose-fitting to allow air circulation. Clothing should not be made from nylon or polyester as these materials melt to the skin.
  • Sturdy boots or enclosed shoes with thick leather soles. 
  • Wide brimmed hat or safety helmet
  • Goggles or safety glasses
  • Dust mask or moistened handkerchief 
  • Ample supplies of water to prevent dehydration. 

It is important media are aware that PPE does not offer unlimited protection against heat and fire. 

Behaviour on a fireground

Media may encounter a range of hazards whilst on a fireground including active fire, radiant heat, falling trees, overhead power lines and water bombing. Due to these risks, media personnel must ensure they are physically and mentally prepared and must have a safety-first attitude. 

It is crucially important that media always listen to and work with the incident control teams. Anyone who does not obey the instructions of the incident controller will be required to leave the fireground for their own safety and for the safety of QFES personnel. 

Contact QFES Media 

To request access to a fireground or for more information, contact QFES Media on 3635 3310 or email