With the Northern Australia Seasonal Bushfire Outlook predicting above normal fire potential for eastern parts of Central Queensland, firefighters are urging residents to familiarise themselves with bushfire warnings before this season starts. 

Rural Fire Service (RFS) Area Director Craig Magick said people living in bushfire prone areas should be familiarising themselves with bushfire warning messages, which could be issued during an incident.

“Bushfire warnings provide vital information to residents including threat to properties, time to impact, the strength and direction of the fire and the steps people need to take in order to survive,” Mr Magick said. 

“Warnings issued by Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) are sent through media and social media channels during significant incidents and broadcast on local radio. 

“It is vital that residents know the bushfire warning levels to ensure they take the appropriate action should a bushfire warning be issued in their area.”

Mr Magick said there were three different levels of bushfire warning which could be issued by QFES when a bushfire escalated. They are: 

Advice – you should monitor conditions and review your Bushfire Survival Plan.

Watch and Act – conditions are changing and you should start taking action and follow your Bushfire Survival Plan.

Emergency Warning – you are in danger and you should immediately act on your Bushfire Survival Plan.

“If a bushfire warning is issued, tune into local radio or access the RFS website current incidents page for information, it will be updated with the latest information,” he said.

“Firefighters, volunteers or police may also be doorknocking in the area, or an Emergency Alert message may be issued to telephones with information and advice on what is occurring, and how to seek further information.

“If at any time a resident feels their property or life is threatened by a bushfire, they should call Triple Zero (000) immediately.”

For further information on bushfire warnings, visit https://www.ruralfire.qld.gov.au/map/Pages/default.aspx