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QGair Rescue Mt Ngun
Daring rescue by QGair.
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Date Published: 29 May 2017
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Daring rescue by QGair.

Queensland Premier, Brigadier Chris Field, and Emergency Services on the flooding in Rockhampton and recovery throughout the state in the wake of severe weather conditions caused by ex-Cyclone Debbie.

The Police Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, and Fire and Emergency Commissioner give the people of Queensland an operational update on the severe weather conditions.

Police Commissioner Ian Stewart, Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski, and Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner Katarina Carroll update Queensland on severe weather conditions.

A planned mitigation burn in a Brisbane iZone area, has been used to train and develop the skills of fire and rescue recruits.

Emergency Services update weekend storm conditions and ask public to be prepared for wild weather.

Six Queensland Fire and Emergency Services personnel have been deployed to Western Australia in support of the current bushfire emergency.

QFES and QAS participate in a multi vehicle road crash exercise during the night hours.

Numerous Emergency service agencies participated in a rescue exercise on the Noosa River.

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