Brisbane residents may experience a smoke haze for short periods over the coming weeks due to an increase in hazard reduction burns. 

Queensland Rural Fire Service (RFS) Regional Manager, Tim Chittenden, said RFS crews across greater Brisbane - including the Redlands, Bribie Island and west Brisbane area - were making the most of favourable weather conditions. 

“Brisbane is forecast to experience dry weather and light winds over the coming weeks, which presents the perfect window of opportunity to undertake hazard reduction burns,” he said. 

“In recent years the greater Brisbane area has experienced severe bushfires, which is why bushfire prevention is crucial.  

“These burns reduce the fire fuel load in high risk areas and are vital to protecting life and property during bushfire season. 

“As our crews undertake this important bushfire mitigation work, residents may experience a smoke haze in their area. Residents who are affected should close windows and doors, and keep respiratory medications close by if they need them.”

Mr Chittenden reminded the community about the important role they also play in bushfire season preparation.

“QFES is working hard to reduce the bushfire risk before the start of the season but bushfire preparedness is a joint effort and residents need to take steps to ensure their property is prepared,” he said.  

“Simple actions like removing flammable items from the yard, keeping grass short and preparing firebreaks, if required, can go a long way to protecting the things that matter to people. 

“Take advantage of the State’s revamped Bushfire Survival Plan, which can be accessed via the QFES website.

“The new, online Bushfire Survival Plan simplifies the process and asks people to consider actions they will take to survive a bushfire, which is why all households should have one.”

Residents can keep up-to-date with hazard reduction burns planned for their area by visiting