Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) has gone behind the scenes to provide the public with a rare glimpse at what it takes to become a Fire and Rescue Service firefighter. 

In a documentary special one year in the making, QFES followed three recruits, Saille, Chelsea and Jayden, as they embarked on an intense 16-week recruit course to become Fire and Rescue Service firefighters.

The film explores the highs and lows experienced during the recruit course and the demanding training scenarios each must complete before joining the ranks of the Fire and Rescue Service.

Watch the film on QFES’ social media channels.

Download here.

Now on-shift firefighters in Brisbane, Warwick and Cairns, Saille, Chelsea and Jayden are available for media interviews.
Please contact QFES Media to arrange an interview or request clips from the film for broadcast.