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Firebird vision - 18 November 2019
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Date Published: 18 November 2019
All Videos: 50 videos on 5 pages
Aerial footage of the Queensland Fires 13 November 2019

Aerial footage of the Queensland Fires 12 November 2019

Footage captured on Saturday, 9 November in Tewantin.

Vision from inside of the State Operations Centre at Emergency Services Complex, Brisbane.

Operational crews on the ground at Peregian describe the events of the past 24 hours in Peregian and the outlook over the next few days.

Press Conference from the afternoon of September 7, outlining current bushfire conditions around Queensland.

Superintendent James Haig explains the bushfire hazards currently been faced by residents in the South East region.

Vertical Rescue training with Fire and Rescue staff at Mt Ngungun on April 9 2019

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