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QGair Rescue Mt Ngun
Daring rescue by QGair.
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Date Published: 29 May 2017
All Videos: 22 videos on 2 pages
Daring rescue by QGair.

Fly north with QGAir to the very top of the State to meet the pilots, crew and men and women of the Queensland Police Service who serve the communities in the Torres Strait.

A glimpse into the inner workings of QGair paint shop. RAW footage.

Raw vision of QFES extinguishing a boat fire in Moreton Bay

Meet the crew and paramedics who patrol the north on the Cairns based Rio Tinto Rescue Chopper

RAW Vision 6th September Road Traffic incident.

Rescue 521 Townsville winch rescue on Sunday July 5

Multi agency exercise for QFES, QAS, SES and QGAIR.

B Roll of QGAir Rescue Chopper crews in action from the cockpit and cabin

RAW vision of Rescue 500 Chopper and winch crews in action over Moreton Bay

Stripped back package containing interviews with Rescue 500 chopper staff

B Roll of Rescue 500 Chopper in Archerfield Hangar

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