Communities located between Thursday Island and the Northern Territory and Queensland border are being asked to finalise their preparations as Tropical Cyclone Nora continues its path towards the coast. 
There is a cyclone warning in place for coastal areas from Thursday Island to Pormpuraaw and a cyclone watch in place for coastal areas from Pormpuraaw to The Northern Territory and Queensland border. 
Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) Commissioner Katarina Carroll said residents still had a limited window of opportunity to ensure their homes and families were ready.
“Areas between Thursday Island and Pormpuraaw could see gale force winds as early as tonight as well as heavy rainfall and abnormally high tides,” Ms Carroll said.
“Prepare your family by ensuring you have an emergency kit well stocked with essential supplies including food, water, clothes, medications, first aid supplies, important documents, valuables, a battery-powered or wind up radio and sleeping gear. 
“Get your property ready by bringing loose outdoor items indoors and securing all items, which can’t be brought in, such as swing sets and trampolines. 
“If your windows are fitted with shutters, ensure these are closed securely. If not, tape inside your windows in a criss-crossing fashion, using strong packing tape. This may not prevent windows from shattering but will hold the broken glass in place. 
“Secure boats and move all vehicles and bicycles under cover and bring children and pets indoors. When the weather system approaches remain inside until further advice is given.”
Commissioner Carroll said while they hoped this weather system would cause minimal disruption it was important to prepare for the chance it could result in power and water being cut off to the area. 
“Withdraw a sufficient amount of cash now from an ATM to cover essential items such as food, water or petrol and buy bottled water or fill buckets and your bath with water in case it becomes restricted,” she said. 
“Boil or purify water to make it drinkable.
“Keep up-to-date with the movement and severity of the cyclone by listening to your local radio and watching the BoM website.
“If it’s safe to do so, check on your neighbours and offer to help them with cyclone preparations.”
Commissioner Carroll said residents across far north Queensland could be affected by heavy rainfall.  
“Heavy rain and flash flooding could affect these areas so it’s critical for residents to remember: if it’s flooded, forget it,” she said. 
“Never enter flooded creeks or causeways by road or on foot. If you come across rising floodwaters, turn around and seek an alternative route. 
“Parents are also asked to keep a close eye on their children who may be tempted to explore the area and play in floodwaters. While this may appear fun, floodwaters can be deadly and the dangers are lurking beneath the surface.”
For storm and flood assistance contact the State Emergency Service (SES) on 132 500 and in a life threatening emergency call Triple Zero (000). 
For further information on how to prepare your home visit and to keep updated on warnings monitor the BoM website at